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The Towner Screw-Less Bigsby System allows you to retrofit a Bigsby onto your guitar without any drilling or measurement. Installation is simple and reversib. I have a 2017 epiphone les paul 100 and i am planning to install a bigsby b3 on it ive heard that there is a towner down tension bar for bigsby b3 but unfortunately i can't find one of those here. ... I am wondering if i can still install bigsby b3 to my les paul without a towner down tension bar. Les Paul John Banned. Joined Jun 26, 2018. Your #1 Bigsby Retrofit System by TOWNER includes: TOWNER Down Tension Bar *If you do not have a Gibson guitar get the METRIC studs. The Original! TOWNER Down Tension Bar The TOWNER Down Tension Bar manages your sustain controlling your break angle. The TOWNER Down Tension Bar allows you to control how much string tension you want. I just put a B3 and Towner V-block on a Les Paul, and I love it. I'm used to a G3 Bigsby on a Gretsch, and I find the B3/G3 to be much more sensitive/better feel than a B7 (Vibra-mate is a clever product, but I thought the V3/B3 felt terrible), so I was really, really happy to discover the Towner system.
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